December 15th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Today's strip has Elly being far more excited by the sights and sounds of the season than Mike and Lizzie are but still talking about how enthusiastic kids get this time of the year.

(Strip Number 6124, Original Publication Date, 18 December 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly getting the kids ready to go out and telling Mike to hurry up or he'll be late for Santa.

Panel 2: We next find Elly sitting in the car fuming as she tells the kids to stop playing with Farley so they can go.

Panel 3: The strip most of Lynn's fans will see starts with Elly, Mike and Lizzie in a crowd at the mall waiting to see Santa; Elly holds Lizzie up, tells her that there's Santa and to wave to him.

Panel 4: Next, a very happy Elly tells her very reluctant children to walk with her to see where the Christmas music is coming from.

Panel 5: A few minutes later, store employees dressed as elves toss candy into the crowd; since Elly is far more jazzed up about the trip than the kids are, she doesn't notice that her telling Lizzie to catch one is falling on unenthusiastic ears.

Panel 6: As they walk down a street, Elly wants them to look at the windows and lights.

Panel 7: She is thus mildly confused when Lizzie doesn't want to walk any longer and that Mike wants to go home.

Panel 8: As they prepare to board the elevator for the parking garage, a middle-aged lady tells Elly that she has some tired little ones on her hands.

Panel 9: Elly tells the lady that yes, children always do get so very excited this time of the year.

Summary: The joke about how parents sometimes get more keyed up about a holiday than the kids is one Lynn likes; that's because she uses it again in 2006. This means that we should prepare ourselves for a Lynnsight about how we're all kids at heart.