December 3rd, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

When Annie arrives at the Pattermanse for her shopping trip with Elly, she's warned about the many hazards that Elly's evil, chaos-loving children and evil, chaos-loving dog have created and then told to relax.

(Strip Number 512, Original Publication Date, 6 December 1983)

Panel 1: It would seem that Lizzie's conversion of a couch to a giant pincushion was a preface to a visit by Anne; that's because Mrs Nichols is warned to not sit on the couch because they haven't found all of the needles Lizzie stuck in it.

Panel 2: Christopher is warned to not sit in a chair because Mike knocked it over and they haven't glued it together yet.

Panel 3: Elly then warns Annie to not put Richard on the floor because it's covered in dog hair.

Panel 4: As Elly puts her coat on for their shopping trip, she tells a panicked Annie "We'll be ready in a minute. Just make yourself at home."

Summary: This, of course, is probably going to be followed by a Lynnsight that's a masterwork of passive-aggressive nagging about the burden Lynn claims to have faced raising two active children. Watch out if she uses the first-person plural overly much because that's a sure sign she's hiding something.
Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In today's strip, Annie tells Elly that she plans to get Steve a chain saw for Christmas; when Elly points out that Steve has no earthly use for one, Annie counters by saying that he hasn't got one.

(Strip Number 513, Original Publication Date, 7 December 1983)

Panel 1: Now that we're at the mall, Annie tells Elly that she knows exactly what she's going to get Steve for Christmas this year: a chainsaw!

Panel 2: Elly reminds Annie that they don't have a wood stove and you couldn't exactly call a couch potato like Steve an outdoorsman before asking her why she has to buy him a chainsaw.

Panel 3: Annie says "He hasn't got one."

Summary: This is the sort of logic that results in Elly getting tires and appliances for Christmas. As babsbybend says, we have a spouse using a present to nag the other about his or her "duties" (Steve, get off your ass and do things! Elly, become a better cook!) posing as an oblivious twit.