November 30th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The end of this rather troubling arc has Elly decide that she's so disgusted with what Fred and That Woman are doing that she has to march right up and glower at him so as to make him ashamed; the payoff is that when she gets a closer look at him, she realizes that he isn't Fred Willis at all.

(Strip Number 4392, Original Publication Date, 3 December 1983)

Panel 1: Elly rises from the table and tells John that she's had enough of Fred slobbering over the horrible woman; she's going to go right up to that cheating cheater who cheats and let him know that she and John know what he's up to. John's sole response is a meek "But Elly..."

Panel 2: Elly is bursting with pride as she thought-bubbles about how when Fred sees her, he'll be caught red-handed. She's in the process of congratulating herself about how this will make him so embarrassed that he'll never try this again but is forced to stop in mid-gloat.

Panel 3: That's because she looks at the man and realizes something that tends to put matters in a different light entirely.

Panel 4: When she gets back to her and John's table, she tells him what that thing is: the man isn't Fred Willis at all.

Summary: Now, normally I'd say that the probable Lynnsight about how Lynn felt that she owed it to Loretta to bust her husband was the most nakedly awful thing about this arc. Unfortunately, the strip itself is slightly more horrific this time. We not only have to face the fact that given the chance to do so, Elly will gladly ruin her evening because she won't answer the questions "Who is that guy?" and "Is what he's doing my business" correctly, we also have to deal with the fact she's married to an oaf who lives vicariously through a pretend cheater. Yay.