October 27th, 2012


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Well. It took a while, and I'm still not entirely confident that I didn't miss a post or two, but I've got all the letters archived leading up to the murder mystery. So it is almost ready for recommendation on the TV Tropes page. And yes, I'm recommending all of it, cause as I found out the hard way, reading the murder mystery without the rest of the letters is like watching Return of the Jedi without seeing Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back first. (The prequels can go fuck themselves.)

However, there are still three things to resolve:

1) What the hell do we call it? I would just say something like 'The Letters Continued' but I'm not about to name something I had no part in.

2) How should I credit the people behind this? Just as 'various authors' or should I try to name everyone?

3)Something this big, would it be wise to give it its own TV Tropes page? (I'd go ahead and start it myself, but I'm rubbish at beginning new pages and we'd go back to 1 anyway.)
Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 28 October 2012

In today's strip, John and the kids have difficulty choosing just one pumpkin to put on the porch so they duck the issue by buying a lot of pumpkins. This somehow fills Elly with existential horror.

(Strip Number 6117, Original Publication Date, 30 October 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with a shot of the Pattersons' hoverwagon zooming down a country road past a stand selling pumpkins. One of the children reminds John that they've already passed four stands by and asks him when they're going to stop.

Panel 2: They screech to a halt at the next stand.

Panel 3: Now that they're out looking, Lizzie says "Just lookit all those pumpkins!!"

Panel 4: She reaches for one pumpkin in particular and says she wants it only to have Mike tell her that it's somehow not right.

Panel 5: She then pleads to John to buy another one only to have Mike whine that that's somehow not fair.

Panel 6: John grabs yet a third and says it's a nice one only to have Lizzie say it's too big and Mike say it's too small.

Panel 7: A little while later, we find ourselves back at the Pattermanse. Elly smiles and asks them if the three of them bought a nice pumpkin.

Panel 8: Her smile is replaced with the Goggle-Eyed Frown Of Existential Horror™ because they bought a lot of nice pumpkins. This, as fairest1 reminds us, is because she'll get stuck with the clean-up. 

Summary: Experience teaches us that the most likely moral lesson that Lynn was trying to impart when she lifted this off of someone else is "Never shop with kids." This is odd because the moral lesson I derived was "If you want something done right, do it yourself!!"