October 21st, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 22 October 2012

In today's strip, Mike reminds Lizzie that he doesn't consider a party where he's a non-factor to be especially fun.

(Strip Number 488, Original Publication Date, 24 October 1983)

Panel 1: We lead things off with the sales rep demonstrating a combination plunger and toilet brush to Elly and the other eager guests at the Grubberware party.

Panel 2: What she and the others do not know is that Mike and Lizzie are spying on them. Lizzie points out that there are a lot of people at Mommy's party. Mike agrees. She then asks where Daddy is and is told that he's out.

Panel 3: Mike whispers that this is no fun and that he's going back to bed; Lizzie asks him why he's doing so. After all, Mommy doesn't know that the two of them are there.

Panel 4: Mike tells her that that's why it's no fun.

Summary: This is a rather bland slice-of-life strip that has a normal child react the way a nine year old would to a boring adult party that is boring. That being said, we can all expect that the Lynnsight will completely ruin it.