October 8th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Elly's attempt to punish Michael by making him eat a sandwich instead of her good stuff fails hilariously because she's a terrible cook who makes indigestible slop.

(Strip Number 478, Original Publication Date, 11 October 1983)

Panel 1: A rather displeased Elly tells Michael that if he doesn't like what she cooked, he can eat a sandwich. This, as the notes will probably indicated, is most likely intended to be a punishment for turning down her wonderful food.

Panel 2: Given that he's excited by the possibility of eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich instead of Cheapie Weenie Casserole with Mushrooms, her sighing as she grants him permission to do so suggests that she is unaware that he doesn't see it as a punishment in the least.

Panel 3: Lizzie's wanting what Mike is having is, judging from her reaction, what does suggest to her that her attempt to shame him failed.

Panel 4: John's meek and grudging statement that he likes what they're having angers her because she realizes that he wants very much to also be 'punished' by going without supper.

Summary: This is an example of an attempt at discipline gone wrong because not being punished is so much God-damned worse than the penalty for the 'crime'.
Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, the week of 8 October 2012

Given the tenor of Monday's Lynnsight, I should think that the letters that are baffled and probably horrified that Canada has its Thanksgiving on a different day than Congress decreed will be accompanied by letters from the Usual Suspects about how they wish some horrible, mother-hating man passed a horrible, mother-hating law prohibiting poor, put-upon mothers with noooooooooo help and nooooooooo time to themselves from beating children for having a gag reflex and a sense of taste and thus rejecting certain foodstuffs.

Encounter with Mark Tatulli! (Lio, Heart of the City)

When I went to a nearby Barnes and Noble for my usual Monday evening of hot chocolate and books, I didn't expect to see the cartoonist Mark Tatulli making an appearance there!

Apparently, he's got a new Lio collection out and was signing it and drawing pictures. He was very nice to everyone who spoke to him and asked questions. It was just wrapping up so I didn't have long to wait.

You see, I've known for a long time he lives in my county. I could never seem to find his email or get in touch with him on Facebook, but I've hoped he might do a program for us at the library where I work. (He belongs to one of the other libraries in our system.)

I shook his hand and asked him if he'd ever be interested in making any personal appearance at our library and he said he loves libraries and would be happy to do a talk on cartooning for tweens. (Hope I can drum up interest...I know drawing's a pretty popular subject among our younger patrons.) I also told him that I like Lio (especially this past Sunday's with its takeoff on Harold And The Purple Crayon) but it's Heart of the City I really warm up to, mainly because I identify with Heart's love of stage and screen.

But--and here's the relevant part--I told him how much I liked that one Sunday Lio strip that slammed FBORFW. His response: "Yeah...she was NOT happy with me about that one."

I replied, "Well...she should learn to take criticism!" That was all I really had time to say, though.

Just an all-around cool guy. I hope he'll be able to appear at our library soon, and if he does, I'll keep you posted on how it went!

(It was also really sweet to hear him say to one of the other customers how much he loved his kids and how they were his life. I believe Mrs. Tatulli was also there.)