July 14th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 15 July 2012

This is most likely the one that Lynn said that she had to redraw recently. That's because Elly responds to Mike's being mildly dickish by spanking his ass.

(Strip Number 7134, Original Publication Date, 17 July 1983)

Panel 1: We begin things with Elly drawing a bath.

Panel 2: We set ourselves up to get envelopes of Northern Canadian air for pointing out that Elly isn't using her feet to turn off the tap.

Panel 3: Elly sighs in contentment as she settles down for what she expects to be a good long soak.

Panel 4: Her good mood evaporates because a) the phone rings and b) the 'machine' (also known as Michael) hasn't picked it up.

Panel 5: Since John and Elly are too stupid to buy an answering machine like regular people, Hair-Trigger-Tempered Elly goes from curious to apoplectic in a heart-beat because Mike has yet to answer the phone.

Panel 6: Elly gets out of the tub and yells for Mike to answer the phone.

Panel 7: Pissed-off Elly grabs the phone while Mike reads a funny book. 

Panel 8: Elly is beside herself with rage because, as she says, the phone Mike wouldn't answer is for him.

Panel 9: Mike makes the stupid mistake of asking a very wet, very angry Elly to tell whoever it is that he's busy. 

Panel 10: The original has Real Mike sitting in his room with pain stars radiating from his swollen arse as he says that some days, Elly's touchier than others. The redrawn one has Dainty Doll Boy Michael sitting in a chair in the corner like Dennis The Helpful Neighbor BoyMenace thought-bubbling the same thing.

Summary: The notes are all about the angry commentary she got when Elly got frustrated and spanked her kids. She gets all pissy and defensive about it while making her bog-standard comment about non-parents not having a right to an opinion. That's as may be but what she really needs to worry about is the scary-ass freaks who dig this sort of thing. Some of the people who wanted John to flatten April for wanting to finish her homework scare the crap right out of me. Well, that and that Mike has no god-damned clue what it is that he did to piss Elly off. Some genius. He's too bloody stupid to realize why he got his arse slapped.