July 8th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 9 July 2012

Well, the week begins on a pleasant-enough note; that's because our first look at Bev and Danny has him make a harmless and rather obvious joke about how quickly small children seem to grow when you're not paying attention to them.

(Strip Number 439, Original Publication Date, 11 July 1983)

Panel 1: Now that we're at the Cruikshank farm, Bev takes one of the carry-on bags while Danny tells the Pattersons that it's been a long time.

Panel 2: As Elly and Bev's silhouettes compare notes, Danny looks down at the kids, smiles and says "This can't be Michael, can it? And who's this big girl?"

Panel 3: Since Mike's brain is tiny, he tells Danny that he and Lizzie have grown since he saw them last. Ah, well. Can't expect a seven year old to know that the adult praising knows he's grown. I didn't at that age.

Panel 4: Anyways, Danny does the expected and asks John what kind of fertilizer he's been using.

Summary: This, as I've said, is the sort of harmless, pleasant, slice-of-life strip most people think of when they think of the Pattersons and their wacky adventures. Too bad that Lynn has a lot of anger to work out until we get more of them.