May 19th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday 20 May 2012

Today's strip has Elly eat a cherry protruding from a slice of cake that she told Mike he couldn't have. As regnad_kcin says, that is all.

(Strip Number 10918, Original Publication Date, 22 May 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike looking longingly at a cherry jutting out of a slice of cake. This attracts Elly's angered attention.

Panel 2: Since she's a stand-in for Mrs Ridgway today, she tells him to do his drooling somewhere else.

Panel 3: Mike starts to repeat the dialog Lynn remembers herself saying when this happened in real life by pointing out that there's a cherry in the cake and if he could pull it out.

Panel 4: Elly/Ursula gets all snippy about how he can't pull out that cherry because he's had two pieces already.

Panel 5: Mike/Lynn says that it's just sticking out there. Since most of Elly's foul temper seems to come from Lynn's mother, she bellows "I said NO!!"

Panel 6: Lynn/Mike touches the cherry and it falls out with a POIT sound. (At least it wasn't NARF or EGAD.)

Panel 7: He then says that the cherry just sort of fell out and can he have it.

Panel 8: She says "For the last time...NO!!!" and ushers him from the room.

Panel 9: She looks at the cherry.

Panel 10: Having made sure that he isn't watching, she eats it.

Summary: The notes are all about how Ursula did the same damned thing to her as a child. The problem is that they fail to address the issue I see when I look at this. It's not just the whole being up her ass about a damned cherry in a cake or the need to preserve "credibility" at the expense of morality or even being a hypocrite; it's finding Elly's being a jerkass funny that bothers me.