May 15th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Phil gets all pouty because Elly decided to be an attentive parent when he wanted to say something. Lynn must have lifted that from Wright because whoever this is ain't Elly.

(Strip Number 403, Original Publication Date, 18 May 1983)

Panel 1: Phil starts things off by wanting to talk to Elly about Georgia. Before he can boast about his girl, Elly tells Lizzie to put down the trumpet Phil stupidly left lying around despite knowing that Elly takes her child with her where ever it is she goes.

Panel 2: Phil resumes bloviating about how intuitive and how Georgia is someone he can really feel a bond with when Elly tells Lizzie that she can't hug her because Phil is talking.

Panel 3: Before he starts talking about how he wants to ask Georgia something, Elly tells Lizzie that she can have one little huggie and that's all.

Panel 4: Elly then tells a ticked-off Phil what the matter is. She is, after all, listening.

Summary: The Lynnsight will no doubt be about how childless people simply can't understand what it's like to have to care for a new life because they're selfish and evil and wrong. This, of course, is because Lynn is a very conventional "thinker" who has all the imaginative capacity of a briquette and assumes that no one else can ever reason their way into seeing what other people go through. As an example, I can see that Elly has to deal with a three-year old who has a three year old's needs and deal with it despite not having children myself. Since Phil is an idiot, his not being able to do so says something about him: he's a clod without insight or foresight.