May 10th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 11 May 2012

In today's strip, Elly's need to pat herself on the back for her alleged victory leads to a reminder that she only thinks that she's a smart person. For all her talk of being ignored, she does a lot of ignoring in her own right.

(Strip Number 400, Original Publication Date, 13 May 1983)

Panel 1: As she puts the groceries away, Elly tells Lizzie that Mommy stood up for herself today. Lizzie just wants a cookie and not a speech.

Panel 2: While Elly talks about how she went in there and said what was on her mind, Lizzie repeats herself about wanting a cookie.

Panel 3: Lizzie even yells that SHE WANNA COOKIE!!! to no avail because Mommy is telling her that she has to learn to be assertive.

Panel 4: As she horrifies Lizzie by ignoring her and putting the cookies away, she tells her if she doesn't stand up for herself, she'll wind up being ignored.

Summary: God, what a dumb-ass. First, she goes in, delivers her ultimatum as if she's about to be shot in the face with an anti-tank round, gets taken for a ride and ends up doing what she thinks Walsh did to her. The worst of it is that Lynn does think that Elly's defeat is a victory because she got acknowledged. 
Snarky Candiru2

Anthony: Ogre or Imbecile?

megan_koumori's recent look at the Coming After reminded me of another irritating arc involving him, Liz and rock-solid third-hand innuendo about the sitting duck antagonist he married. As you will recall, Liz was talking a fine line of rubbish about how she finally knew who she was before going on to make bafflingly ignorant comments about how misguided Therese was to try to change Anthony or herself in order to please other people. Aside from the hilarity of someone who lived to please her parents at her own expense, reinvented herself to suit whatever man she wanted to snag before hectoring him about the need to change everything about himself dissing someone else for failing at it, one thing shone through: the dozey, mopey expression Anthony had in the art work.

The reason I mention this is that it sometimes occurs to me that Anthony isn't the heartless manipulator and cruel, deceitful petty tyrant I like to think he is. What this makes him look like is a confused, depressed imbecile who doesn't know what's happening to him or why. All he knows is that he doesn't much like what the mean lady with the dark hair wants because she yells at him. If this is the case, Therese left him for an adult.