March 17th, 2012

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 18 March 2012

In today's strip, Elly totally loses her shit because John gets a slightly-shorter than normal haircut. The Lynnsight in the book is a disorganized thing about a barber that fails to address the issue of why Elly thinks that John did this to make her life worse. (Also, it fails to address what business it is of hers that his hair is slightly shorter than she thinks it's supposed to be.)

(Strip Number 6102, Original Publication Date, 20 March 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with John walking into a barber's shop.

Panel 2: He and the barber have a conversation about a subject that so bores Lynn, she interprets it as so much yakyakyak.

Panel 3: As he puts his jacket in a closet, Elly asks him what he's done with himself. Not understanding why she's looking at him as if he's been harpooned, he tells her that he had a haircut.

Panel 4: Totally Panicked Elly tells him that it's too short and looks awful.

Panel 5: John, who still doesn't get that he married a woman who's spooked by anything like change, shrugs her panicked over-reaction off by telling her that he and the barber got to talking and the more they talked, the more he cut.

Panel 6: Elly reveals her true motives by hollering in rage like a Klingon, telling her that his slightly shorter ugly haircut is an intolerable affront and asking how he could possibly do that to her.

Panel 7: John stupidly tries using linear logic to mollify the irrational, paranoid, rage-filled dimwit he married by telling her that it'll grow back and, hey, she married him for his personality, not his looks, right?

Panel 8: Elly reminds us that she's not just an irrational, paranoid and rage-filled dimwit, she's also a CHILDISH, irrational, paranoid and rage-filled dimwit by sticking his tongue out at him.

Panel 9: We find Angry John wearing a hat as he reads his paper. As he tries to figure out what's bothering the moron he married, he angrily thought-bubbles "So much for personality."

Summary: Also so much for Elly as a sympathetic figure. I mean, what is her God-damned problem? Does she think that he got a buzz cut to attract a new sweetie? Is she so controlling that he can't even get a hair cut without her approval? Does she think that people are going to come in, break down the doors and lynch them all 'cause he got a new hair style? Will we ever learn the answers?