March 14th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 15 March 2012

We find John getting all pissed off at Elizabeth because she doesn't understand what a figure of speech is. I'd like to think that he's just angry because he's reminding himself of the downside of being a professional in business but he'd be as hacked-off if he didn't have a huge-ass tax bill to pay.

(Strip Number 4313, Original Publication Date, 17 March 1983)

Panel 1: As Lizzie looks on, an angered John bellowing that despite all the deductions he's claimed, he's still got to pay a wad in taxes.

Panel 2: He then shrieks that no matter which way he turns, he still ends up paying through the nose.

Panel 3: Since she's two years old, Lizzie looks up his nose so she can figure out where they're going to take out the money.

Panel 4: John snarls that it's a figure of speech.

Summary: The typical citizen of Kool-Aid Nation would probably assume that John's just in a bad mood because he's got to pay his taxes and die like everyone else. What they lose sight of is that John hates his job so he's always in a pissy mood and needs people to pass the hate onto.