March 6th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Elly's sweeping generalization based on an atypical sample is interrupted by Annie pointing out her own inattentive nature. Elly's response is to thought-bubble an alibi.

(Strip Number 4309, Original Publication Date, 9 March 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly telling Anne that John accidentally threw out a bag full of good (and by good, she means clothes that Mike and Lizzie probably out-grew) clothes.

Panel 2: She then tells her that when it comes to domestic things, a man is quite simply incapable of thinking about what he's doing. As she defames all men everywhere to make herself a better martyr, smoke comes in from off-panel.

Panel 3: Anne points out the source of said smoke. It seems that Elly's soup is burning because she's too busy not letting go of something and making sweeping generalizations to pay attention to what she's doing. 

Panel 4: As she takes the burning soup off the burner, she thought-bubbles that she thinks, she just doesn't remember.

Summary: Gee, Elly. Maybe if you'd remembered to tell John what was in that bag, none of this crap would have happened. Naw. Can't think that way. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to run around thinking that you're the only person who can do anything. Can't have that happen. Otherwise, you might end up being freaking grateful for the people in your life instead of a nasty jerk loaded with malice and self-pity. 
Indignant Candiru

Weed: The Liography or "Portait of the artist as a young ingrate."

As aprilp_katjehas learned, there's now a Liography for Weed. Simply put, it's all about how his distant, inattentive parents who let the eeeeevil ambition that blinded them to the good things in life get in the way of being there for him and his sister. Given that he's more Aaron than Mike is, my guess is that she doesn't realize that she's slammed herself.

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- Oh, super. Having a work ethic and wanting to do things for yourself instead of waiting for the miracle to happen is a bad thing.
- Again with the "writer's trance", Lynn?
- Cohabitation is fine as long as it eventually leads to marriage and complaints that men just don't THINK when it comes to being domestic.