February 20th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The second strip in the "Phil Richards, Stupid Anarchist Who Needs a Wife To Save Him From Himself" arc shows our boy living like a goofy teenager and proud of it.

(Strip Number 369, Original Publication Date, 22 February 1983)

Panel 1: A beaming Phil asks Elly what she thinks of his place.

Panel 2: Confused Elly is confused because he doesn't have a bed....or chairs....or even a table.

Panel 3: We zoom out to see that he does have a fish tank, a bedroll, a television, an alarm clock, musical instruments, sheet music and an expensive sound system. He confuses her more by saying that he believes in buying the essentials first.

Summary: You know how they say Nature abhors a vacuum? Well, Elly and Lynn abhor a bachelor. The unsubtle message here is that Phil has too much freedom, not enough structure and indulgent parents who don't want him to grow up and assume his place in responsible adult society and thus give his tyrannical nutbag older sister a break.