January 28th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Today's strip depicts Elly's use of a potato as an impromptu drain plug as a great victory over what she sees as domesticity rendering her mind stagnant. Given that she never had much of a mind to begin with, it's more a lucky break than anything else.

(Strip Number 6682, Original Publication Date, 30 January 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly standing in the living room wearing her bathroom and warning everyone that she will be unavailable for the next hour.

Panel 2: That's because she's taking a bath.

Panel 3: The strip most of her readers will see begins with Elly asking who lost the plug out of the bathtub.

Panel 4: This saddens her because she's been looking forward to this all day but with no plug, she can't do what she wants.

Panel 5: Given that her default assumption is that the children stole it because they hate her and want to see her suffer because that's just how children are, we have to look at Mike make that ridiculous palms-out gesture as he says that they didn't take it.

Panel 6: He then asks what she's doing rooting around the bag of potatoes.

Panel 7: As she holds up a potato that's approximately the same size as the plug, she tells him that she's looking for a potato of the right size.

Panel 8: She then puts the potato in the drain.

Panel 9: As she takes her bubble bath, she thought-bubbles "Who says a mother's mind stagnates in the kitchen?"

Summary: The answer is "You and your evil, misogynistic naff of a grandfather, that's who." Although the Lynnsight will be about a trip she took to Cuba and how she regards the struggle of the locals with the embargo as an amusing hook for an anecdote, what it should be about is the learned self-hatred that makes Elly a passive martyr and the men three times the size of the women.