January 7th, 2012

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Today's strip is a long-form bitchfest about how Rod is unwilling to spend any time with the offsprings and seems to want to disappear into his workshop and leave them to Lynn because she has ovaries and thus must have noooooooooo help and noooooooooo time to herself.

(Strip Number 6098, Original Publication Date, 9 January 1983)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike telling Lizzie to give him what looks to be an erector set; she, who's probably fleeing him because he's walking like a zombie, yells No.

Panel 2: She then yells that it's HERS!!

Panel 3: We then see them as Lynn sees them: fighting non-stop over the same toy because siblings just can't get along.

Panel 4: They continue it's-mining as 'lazy' John reads his paper.

Psnel 5: Elly sets up the conflict by telling him to not just sit there but to do something with those two.

Panel 6: She's busy and cannot be expected to do everything; his reaction is to look like he's being forcibly castrated.

Panel 7: As John sits them down to read a story, Mike and Lizzie squabble over who gets to have one read first.

Panel 8: Elly then hits him with the first selection on her huge honey-do list by telling him that she needs him to build a new shelf for the laundry room; he is not ecstatic.

Panel 9: He is even less thrilled to be told about the leaky sink and Lizzie's need for more stories.

Panel 10: He finishes off by showing us Lynn's low, low opinion of evil, conflict causing men who want to run from their duty to help their wives because men are evil and hate the idea of women having free time by saying that he believes that this is why primitive man decided to hunt.

Summary: At the time, a criticism of hubby's need to skedaddle when little wifey needed help with the children was a breath of fresh air in the keep-em-in-the-kitchen comicsverse. Now that the ground is well-trodden, only Lynn's fans still think that Standard Lazy-Buffoon-Husband Joke 57b is still cutting-edge and only Lynn's fans think that she shared the experience that led to this sort of frustration because they don't know about her having help with the small ones.