Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, January 19

Panel 1: Why does everyone think it's so superawesomeamazing that Liz gets to ride in a helicopter? I'm sure the Mtigians have seen helicopters before, especially since they have a landing strip an' everything. And is Liz just answering Gary for the sake of it, or is she truly unaware of the cost (literal and figurative) of a ride with Warren?

Panel 2: Well, that's a nice little moment. Can a heli really land on snow like that, though? ETA: And "Thanks for the smiles"? Has everyone been laughing at her? Like "The white goose is stewing in her own juice"?

Panel 3: That's actually good advice. Although I hope love doesn't come again bearing cinnamon buns.

Panel 4: Oh come ON. Is Liz that really idiotic, that she'd get so close to the heli before the propeller stopped moving? Or is the prop as unbalanced as it looks in the previous panel? In which case Warren would be the idiot for landing so close to them. Unless it's a matter of Liz and Gary standing and waiting too close to the landing strip. Ah heck: SOMEBODY had to be stupid, in order to set up that stupid punchline.

Still and all, my mom will be sqeeing with delight to see this blatant foreshadowing in Warren's favor. That IS Warren, you know: I had to look three times before I realized it. He looks like the love child of Howard and Susan, but it's him. And he's giving Liz that look. Crimeny.
Tags: helicopter, liz of troy, warren, white goose returns

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