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The Top Ten Characters Lynn Doesn't Realize Are Underdogs - Number 1

Now, as we know, most of the reason people have ever actually heard of the strip is because of the character who had it the worst in his life because of the way he died. I am, of course, talking about Farley. Most people thought they were getting a beloved wonder dog instead of the abused and barely tolerated 'pet' we actually see.

Let us review how he came into the Pattersons' life to see why his lot was one of misery and pain. The official version of her story reads like a press release from TASS:

More importantly, she thought it was past time that the Pattersons had a dog. Remembering her own early years, she believed firmly that there was nothing better than a dog to teach children responsibility and the wonder of unquestioning love. With a litter of cute, furry puppies to aid her, she had a shrewd notion that she could make John and Elly see things her way. It turned out to be easier than she thought. An ex-farm boy himself, John went down without a struggle. And Thelma knew just how to handle Elly...

Thelma knows she'd done the right thing when she sees how much pleasure little Farley, the puppy, gives the Patterson children. And even Elly, although she grumbles about shedding hair and dirty paws, obviously loves the new family member.

when the plain truth is that a mercenary busybody with too much time on her hands gaslit a moron so she wouldn't feel like a bad person for parenting via saying 'No'.

What the old doll never managed to quite get is that the children did just what Elly thought they were going to do and leave her holding the bag. This would be bad enough if Elly weren't so stupid, she thought she could argue Farley into ignoring his instincts. Combine that with her malign neglect and a dog that could have had a nice time of things but was instead lumbered with an inept family that did stupid things:

that would kill a real dog:

while treating him like a punching bag:

chastising him for being the victim of their own stupid neglect:

and refusal to supervise anyone or anything:

Also, they tend to forget that a pack animal doesn't like being shunned by what it thinks is its kinship group:

Given their refusal to 'waste' money on neutering him, it came as no surprise to anyone that eventually, they would finally end up knowing about a litter of puppies he'd sired:

Eventually, their luck runs out and the dog dies of wither a heart attack or neck snap after saving April from the end result of Elly's blind-eyed stupidity.

The truly irksome thing is that they don't even realize that they treated him like shit when he was alive.

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