December 30th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 31 December 2011

We end the year with Michael not understanding what hangovers or Elly's thinking that John has embarrassed her forever in front of people who don't know why she's mad at him are.

(Strip Number 4267, Original Publication Date, 1 January 1983)

Panel 1: It's very early on New Years' Day; Mike tells Lizzie not to go in Daddy's room because he's not feeling well.

Panel 2: John, you see, can't stand any noise; Liz asks "I can't talk to him?"

Panel 3: Mike says "Nope."

Panel 4: He then says that Elly isn't talking to him either.

Summary: What bothers me is that we do not know why Elly is mad at John; it's one thing for her to not reassure the children that it's not their fault because we remember that she doesn't think that what they feel matters because they aren't human yet but to not tell us what's eating Elly is sort of distressing because it makes her look like a huffy bitch who's angry for the sake of being angry.