December 17th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Today's rather bland slice of life strip about Christmas cards has a Lynnsight about how she liked to put the names of people she knew into her strip as a way of saying hello.

(Strip Number 6096, Original Publication Date 19 December 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off with a group of letters going through the mailslot with a cheery little Pfladap; as Lizzie looks on, Mike says "Oh, boy! Another bunch of Christmas cards!"

Panel 2: Lizzie expresses her desire to look at them by saying she wanna see!! Her see!!

Panel 3: The dead-tree strip begins with Elly sitting at the table checking a list and muttering "Hmm....Alma, Okay, Jessie, Helen Binks, Marj and Bernard, Nancy and Jim, Fred and Maureen...." Since Mike doesn't know what she's doing, he asks her what she's doing.

Panel 4: Elly tells him that she's checking off people who send her cards.

Panel 5: Her off-hand comment about how if she doesn't get a card from someone, she crosses that person's name off of her Christmas card list

Panel 6: For some reason, this panics the children.

Panel 7: They lay down on the floor drawing something.

Panel 8: A few minutes later, Elly thanks them for the nice Christmas cards they made her.

Panel 9: Their telling her that they wanted to stay on her list confuses her a little.

Summary: This is because she and Lynn don't really understand something Schulz had based his franchise on: the fact that children understand more than adults would like to think but they don't understand everything. To a child, Elly's idly telling them what she's doing might seem like a command to give her a card; to her, it's just her saying something.