December 5th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Since Lynn hasn't any more idea how children speak than she has that people remember things that she's said in the past, Mike says "Oh, man!! I'm DEAD!!" in a very awkward manner.

(Strip Number 4259, Original Publication Date, 7 December 1982)

Panel 1: The mysterious voice from yesterday turns out to be the store's floorwalker; that's because we find the man (who I'll call Bob) telling Harry the Manager that a penitent looking Mike was returning the scarf.

Panel 2: Bob then says that Mike told him that he'd taken the scarf but decided to return it.

Panel 3: Harry tells Mike that he's going to phone his mother to come down here and pick him up.

Panel 4: The sure knowledge that his hysterical, image-is-everything lunatic of a mother will probably want to kill him for permanently embarrassing her and making her life hard (without once ever being asked to do something crazy and stupid about worrying about something that can't matter like how an irrelevant child feels because that would give him power over her) scares Mike so much, he says "This is the end of my life" because he can no longer speak without talking as if there's a rebar up his ass. The stilted grammar frightens Harry and Bob so much, they blanch in terror.

Summary: The importance of folding clothes neatly isn't the only thing that Mike learned from his mother; what he also learned is that Elly lives and dies about what people think of her and how a situation affects her and her alone; worrying about how he's affected is wrong and evil because it makes him the boss of her and cannot be allowed ever.