November 30th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mike agonizes about his stupid decision to steal a scarf just because some jerk kid dared him to.

(Strip Number 4255, Original Publication Date, 2 December 1982)

Panel 1: We find Mike sitting in his bedroom staring at himself in the mirror thought-bubbling that he wishes that he hadn't stolen that scarf; as he gazes at himself, the poorly-drawn Darth Vader helmet on his desk seems appropriate because he thinks he's joined Anakin Skywalker on the Dark Side of the force.

Panel 2: Since he thinks like a seven-year old, his trying to convince himself that it's a dumb color and that Elly wouldn't thus like it makes sense; that's because the realization that Elly would freak out because he stole it isn't one that would immediately occur to him.

Panel 3: What can occur to him is the realization that he's now a robber; we can well picture him assuming that every police officer in the world has now dedicated him- or herself to tracking him down.

Panel 4: Even his assumption that he has to have undergone a physical transmutation now that he's a hardened criminal makes sense.

Summary: This is a more-or-less accurate-as-possible given the writer look at the thought processes of an offspring; the notes trying to explain it, on the other hand, will make absolutely no sense at all.