October 20th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 21 October 2011

Today's strip has Christopher be the jealous idiot child wanting to emulate a younger sibling in order to be loved best again; the need the children in the strip have to do stuff no normal child would do because they confuse the duty parents have to take care of someone helpless with favoritism says something nasty about the woman writing it.

(Strip Number 323, Original Publication Date, 22 October 1982)

Panel 1: As she, Elly and Lizzie go for a walk outside, Anne tells Christopher to help her push the baby carriage; his response is to say that he no want to push, he want to ride.

Panel 2: Her telling him that there's no room is greeted by his yelling YOWL!!!!!

Panel 3: As she carries Richard and pushes a big, stupid, jealous idiot in a pram as he grins about making an ugly fool of himself, Anne tells Elly that she didn't think that sibling rivarly began this early.

Summary: It's sort of obvious why we always see small children thinking that parents love a younger child better than they do; they're all a stupid, selfish, malicious little girl named Lynn Ridgway whose ignorance, default hostility and insane defiant streak confuse the need parents have to protect the helpless with not only favoring younger brothers but with willfully ignoring her and hating her.

ETA: They've altered the home-page again; instead of buttons with character's faces on time, the menu options in the banner are more standard-looking tabs of varying web colors. Also, the banner on the home-page is a seasonally-appropriate image. The first is one in which Elly tries to foreshadow Andy Fox.
Snarky Candiru2

In the beginning, there was martyrdom.

Lynn's latest press release celebrates the release of the second poorly constructed treasury.

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You will note that the cover has Elly about five seconds away from screaming in despair because this world in which children play with toys instead of sitting until numb has left her in despair.

As for the book itself, it is, as I expected, constructed much like the last. We have the same sloppy arrangement of strips, the same press clippings interspersed at random and the same sort of witless wisdom. My favorite example is the annotation for the strip that has Elly spend so much time correcting Mike's grammar that he forgot what he was going to say; the reason Ursula gave her for insisting on correct English is that if they only had one language, they had to use it well. Not only does that mark her as the sort of dreary old fossil who bellows in rage at French on cereal boxes, the chaotic drivel Lynn passes off as good English means that her mother's seeds of Orange wisdom fell on the barren and defiant rock of Lynn's soul.