October 18th, 2011

Panicky Candiru

The Podcast for 18 October 2011: Lizthony Alert!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see what Lynn talks about this week; given what we saw last week, it'll probably be an incoherent explanation of why she took so long to approve the plushie.

ETA: I wish! What it is is a video letter in which Lynn uses her terrifyingly perky manner, dubious command of English and flailing limbs to convince us to love God-damned Anthony as much as the Pattersons do.


- Actually, one can drop characters that have been established; just ask Jim Davis where the hay Lyman got to. Or, for that matter, ask Richie Cunningham about his older brother Chuck.

- Lynn seems to have totally freaking forgot Thérèse's name owing to her being a plot device meant to show how Anthony needed to "learn how to trust" or some such oatmeal.

- She also seems to have it in for people who expect her to pay God-damned attention to what she's doing and has no problem inciting the zombie army who love Ellie's column to write poorly punctuated and badly spelled letters bidding us to stop doing the evil thing calling thinking. After all, it's only make believe until it's about Farley.

- She admits that Paul and Warren didn't feel right to her as potential husbands for Liz because she has mental notes that say so; she then says that the story could end because the two people who were right for one another based on evidence that she never saw fit to draw or write about got together.

- Her final comment is about how Anthony and Liz made the same sort of commitment that Iris made to Jim and how for better or for worse, that was when the story ended.

- Any comments that the story should be picked up at a later date will be ignored or used as fodder for her vengeful fantasies about John dying in a horrible manner.
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Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

In today's strip, Elly's mildly horrified realization that she'd forgotten how to hold a newborn infant is either a reminder of a universal experience or a reminder that Elly has issues with her long-term memory.

(Strip Number 322, Original Publication Date, 20 October 1982)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the Nichols house as Annie tells Elly how wonderful it is that she brought her both time and the gift of a pot roast and pies.

Panel 2: As Elly holds out her tentacle-fingered hands, Annie tells her to take the baby while she puts some of the food in the freezer.

Panel 3: Noticing that a very confused Elly is stammering "Uh, well, uh...", Anne asks her if something's wrong.

Panel 4: Panicky Elly's confession that she's forgotten how to hold one of these things mildly baffles Anne.

Summary: I believe Elly when she says that she has indeed forgotten that little detail despite her having given birth to two children. It's not as if the ability to do all that stuff is genetically programmed into her just because she's a woman despite what John, Mike and Anthony would like to believe; also, there was a flashback showing us that John's mom showed up giving her the gift of time when Liz was born. Also, she could simply be nervous holding the new baby and said so in an awkward manner.