October 15th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 16 October 2011

In today's strip, Mike plays a little bit too rough with an umbrella; since he's a goofy little kid, he didn't mean much harm but you can't tell Elly that.

(Strip Number 6092, Original Publication Date, 17 October 1982)

Panel 1: We find Mike walking outside on a nice autumn day whistling to himself.

Panel 2: As he does so, it starts to rain.

Panel 3: Since he's not that far from home, we next find him at the door asking Elly if he can have an umbrella because it's raining out.

Panel 4: He opens the umbrella and smiles.

Panel 5: A few minutes later, he notices that it's stopped raining.

Panel 6: Since he doesn't need the umbrella and since he's an average little boy, he spins it like a top.

Panel 7: He then yells "En Garde!!" as he uses it like a fencing saber to duel with tree branches.

Panel 8: Next, he yells "Fore!!" and uses it like a five-iron to knock a can around.

Panel 9: After he comes back inside, he tells Elly that it's not raining so he put the umbrella in the hall.

Panel 10: Elly peeks her head around the corner and gets all goggle-eyed with existential horror when surveying the wreckage.

Summary: Since she's a bit of an idiot, she doesn't think that she's just seen a regular dumb kid playing too rough with something because he's not really all that aware of how durable it isn't; she sees an avatar of chaos destroying things because he hates order, goodness and his mother.