October 8th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Today's strip has John make a mildly ironic thought-bubble about watching Elly deal with a bad cold. Since this is a rather commonplace turn of events, I expect that next week's Coffee Talk will be dominated by letters about husbands who expect their wives to work their asses off while being very sick.

(Strip Number 6091, Original Publication Date, 10 October 1982)

Panel 1: As John and Elly get ready for bed, he's somewhat concerned by that violent hacking cough of hers. Not only does he worry about her, he's also worried that he'll have to reschedule a bunch of appointments because he's got her cold.

Panel 2: We then see her gargle so as to relieve her sore throat.

Panel 3: She then coughs and blows her nose.

Panel 4: Next, she takes a teaspoon of something called Koff-Stopper.

Panel 5: She follows that by taking a Vitamin C pill; the bottle is next to a bottle of decongestant and a jar of Vaporub.

Panel 6: Speaking of which, she puts on some of the Vaporub to help clear her nose and throat.

Panel 7: She then inhales some Not-Dristan Mist.

Panel 8: Having done all that, she smiles and tells John "Dite dite, Hodey".

Panel 9: John looks at us and thought-bubbles about how he loves these romantic evenings together.

Summary: History teaches us that John is not what you'd call an effective or sympathetic caretaker at the best of times. The story arc wherein Elly gets laryngitis shows us a man who regards her getting sick as something akin to dereliction of duty so when we do get those letters about unsympathetic ogre husbands, the Coffee Squawkers will at least have Foob History on their side.