September 24th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 25 September 2011

In today's strip, John goes to the grocery store with Mike and Lizzie and gets talked into buying sugar cereal and similar not-actually-foods; Elly's reaction is to bellow like an idiot.

(Strip Number 6089, Original Publication Date, 26 September 2011)

Panel 1: We find John and the kids at Megafoods; as he pushes the cart down the aisle, Lizzie points at something and says "Want dat, Daddy! Want dat!"

Panel 2: Mike holds up a box of cake mix and asks if they can get one of these.

Panel 3: Since he's the creation of a woman who doesn't like sugary breakfast cereals and can't create a plausible name for one to save her life, Mike pleads with John to please buy some sugar cereal, please, pleeeeeease???

Panel 4: Mike's need to have sugar cereal causes him to shove the box into the cart and thank John for a decision that his confused "Well, uh..." tells us he hasn't made yet.

Panel 5: While John is trying to navigate his way down the aisle, Lizzie grabs onto a jar of jam and says "Want dis" while Mike grabs onto a box of cookies and asks John how'bout this.

Panel 6: Having filled his cart up, John says that's about it and goes off to pay for the unbalanced diet his children have decided on.

Panel 7: We fast-forward to their arrival at the Pattermanse; Mike greets Elly as he carries in the Big Bag of Refined Sugar.

Panel 8: Having noticed her displeasure, Mike asks Elly what the matter could be; they got the groceries, didn't they? As she holds up a bottle of soda and a box of Not Hamburger Helper, she says that yes, they did.

Panel 9: She then bellows that they didn't get anything that could be defined as food.

Summary: The moral, as the Lynnsight will no doubt remind us, is that men shouldn't grocery shop because they don't know what real food looks like and that they don't have the moral fibre to resist the blandishments of sugar-obsessed small ones. Too bad for Lynn that said moral is bollocks; after all, she never met my dad. You wouldn't catch him blowing his hard-ended money on treats or giving into whining. There are a crap-ton of guys like him out there who shop as smart if not smarter than ol'Flapandhonk so Lynn's perky slam of the male gender is a load of shite.