August 20th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 21 August 2011

In today's anachronistic strip, Mike, Gordo and Lawrence spend so much time engaging in antisocial behavior that they don't actually watch the movie Elly is using as a babysitter.

(Strip Number 6086, Original Publication Date, 22 August 1982)

Panel 1: As our story continues, we find Mike, Gord and Lawrence at a movie theater; as they try to find somewhere to sit, Mike tells Lawrence to keep her moving.

Panel 2: Having sat down, Gordon tells them not to chuck their empty snack containers until after the light go out.

Panel 3: The three of them join the crowd in cheering at something they're seeing.

Panel 4: Mike, having turned his popcorn holder into a hat, sticks his tongue out at a boy with glasses in the row before him while giving him a Bronx cheer.

Panel 5: He then grins maniacally as he sticks gum into the hair of the little girl who's sitting next to Boy With Glasses.

Panel 6: Having seen something that impresses them, Mike and Gordon hug one another.

Panel 7: As the thing wraps up, Mike shows his appreciation by whistling loudly.

Panel 8: As they leave the theater, Gordon says "Pretty neat movie, wasn't it, Mike?"

Panel 9: Mike's "Yeah....what was it?" baffles his friends a little.

Summary: It shouldn't; that's because Mike is usually too busy making an annoying jerk of himself to know what's going on around him. His inability to sit down, be quiet and pay attention to his surroundings is not only why he didn't see the movie, it's why he sucks as a student and it's why he's a crappy son, husband, father and above all brother.

Story of Dog Rescuing Drowning Girl Was Hoax

Yesterday on Facebook, I shared a link to a story about a dog rescuing a drowning girl - Family Dog Rescues 6-Year-Old Girl from River Drowning: "The dog sprinted and jumped about 12 feet out into the river just in front of the child. They both went under and when they came up the dog had her jacket in its mouth and was dragging her to the bank. The dad ran into the water's edge and grabbed the other side of the child's jacket and they both dragged her up onto the grass." I made a comment to a friend that it reminded me of the Farley storyline.

Well apparently it was a little closer to fiction than I realized - Morton Report Readers 'Trolled' by Internet's Mischief Maker David Thorne: "On Thursday the 18th, an article concerning a dog named Maggie rescuing a 6-year-old child was posted on The Morton Report under the guise of being a real story." I wonder if Thorne is a Foob fan.