August 16th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In today's strip, Phil expresses his discomfort with the concept of vegetarianism; in his mind, eating healthy is a slippery slope leading to his becoming domesticated and therefore neutered.

(Strip Number 304, Original Publication Date, 18 August 1982)

Panel 1: As he takes his belongings into his new home, Phil tells Elly that he hopes that his moving in with his new housemates works out because they're pretty bizarre.

Panel 2: Elly asks if they're members of some sort of weird religious sect.

Panel 3: He says she's close; that's because they're vegetarians.

Summary: As we've seen over the past year or so and will see over the next five, Phil can be a stubborn customer when it comes to weaning himself away from his favorite vices; the hipster doofus is a sort of veneer disguising a selfish, self-centered little boy who thinks he's smarter than he can ever hope to be and thus will not act in his own interests because he thinks being a defiant jackass is cool. It matters not that how much it hurts the people trying to help him just so long as the snotty adult infant gets his way.
Snarky Candiru2

The Podcast for 16 August 2011: The Reuben Awards

I'm putting up this placeholder for a podcast that I can only assume to be more of Lynn's riding Charles Schulz's corpse's coattails. Watching her bask in his reflected glory while self-servingly defaming him with a flippant smirk at the same time is a little thing I like to call an atrocity.

And I'm wrong; we're going to listen to her talk smack about the Reuben Awards and we're jolly well going to like it.

Michael's age slide starts earlier than I thought

As I mentioned in another thread, I thought Mike's age-slide began when he turned nine in 1984 instead of in 1983. However, I came across a strip that suggests Lynn slid him back earlier than that. In the strip that ran on September 6, 1982, Mike decides he will stay seven forever. Since he had just finished grade two the previous academic year without ever having shown signs of being a prodigy, he ought to have already turned eight this year.