July 6th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Since Phil is less focused on why Connie is in her current emotional state than he is on how it might affect him, I'd say that Lynn has generously afforded us an insight as to why Mike was a dick himself; it's genetic.

(Strip Number 4198, Original Publication Date, 8 July 2011)

Panel 1: As she holds her silverware in an unusual manner, Connie tells Phil that his rival was something of a child and was less interested in her as a lover than he was as getting a new mommy.

Panel 2: She then makes a huffy remark about how she wanted someone to lean on as well; she'd already had one dependent and didn't need another, thank you very much. (Nice to see what she really thinks of Lawrence, isn't it?)

Panel 3: Since Ted was incapable of feeding her seemingly bottomless need for approval as Greg would later prove to be, she makes a sweeping generalization about how all men everywhere are stupid, weak, manipulative and demanding.

Panel 4: Since all Adult!Child!Phil heard as "Men, bad!", he thought-bubbles that he doesn't think that he belongs at this table.

Summary: What he should be thinking is that he's being a bit of a jackass here; it's not everyone who can get dumped by a basket-case and blame her for his not paying attention to how crazy she is but, as a Richards, he's more than oblivious and insensitive enough to do it.
Hells Yes!

Showing Daily Domestic Life with Love

A lesson in doing it right, courtesy of Rose is Rose:

If Lynn had done this same scene, Elly would be a total ice queen, cockblocking John in a way that would make men and women alike--well, the ones who don't drink the Kool-Aid--grab at their crotches with sympathy pains.  She'd shove the laundry basket into his arms or drop it on his chest with intention, make a snarky remark, and then walk off in a huff, or she'd stop, look at him like he was nuts/she had no idea what the heck he was doing it for, and then walk off with a baffled look on his face.  She's working, can't he see that?  What's this with acting all romantic?  Getting yourself into a romantic mindset is for bedtime, in the bedroom, because that's the proper, normal time and place.  Besides, she's not attractive when her hair is a mess and she's dressed in old, stained clothes, and how DARE John think otherwise!  I'm sure Elly has 'Be Romantic' penciled in on her To Do list, know what I mean?
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