July 2nd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 3 July 2011

In today's strip, we remind ourselves of one of the primary reasons that Elly is a failure as a parent; quite simply, the same woman who is all about needing sympathy when she's frustrated has none to spare when her children are in the same state.

(Strip Number 6679, Original Publication Date, 4 July 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike building a fairly complicated structure from wooden building blocks; almost TOO complicated, one might think, and thus liable to collapse.

Panel 2: When the inevitable happens, Mike yells in frustration.

Panel 3: He again tries to build the complicated looking structure that probably appeared on the box; again, it starts to come apart.

Panel 4: When it collapses for yet another time, he yells out "AAAGH!!! Not Again!!"

Panel 5: His kicking the damned things across the floor while hollering "Stupid, Dumb, Crummy...." causes Elly to materialize.

Panel 6: As she pulls his arm half out of its socket, he yells "NO!! AAHH!! I don't wanna go to bed!! WAAHH!!"; given that her face is clearly a mask of rage despite being in silhouette, I don't honestly think she cares.

Panel 7: His asking her if he's going to get a kiss good night is met with the Gorey-Eyed Frown Of Rage.

Panel 8: She then makes a huffy remark about how she can't honestly see giving him any sort of affection when she sees him act like that at all.

Panel 9: His tearful explanation that that's when he needs it most totally surprises her.

Summary: It also won't make a lasting impression on her mind because she's willing herself not to feel empathy for the people in her life. The same immature dingbat who feels that she has every right to jab her finger in the air and start screaming like a banshee when faced with minor frustrations that can easily be set right expects a lot more patience of the people around her than she's willing to afford herself. Also, the Lynnsight will probably be about how Lynn's mom wanted her to curb her rage and how that was terrible.