June 28th, 2011

Angry Candiru

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Elly makes me want to post that Cracked article today about how people are accidentally screwing up their dog; that's because she yells at Farley for making her worried.

(Strip Number 4194, Original Publication Date, 30 June 1982)

Panel 1: Mere seconds after everyone else goes to bed, Elly gets my hackles up by grabbing Farley by the scruff of the neck and telling him he's a bad dog for running away.

Panel 2: She then confuses the poor, uncomprehending animal by exhorting him to look at himself because he's filthy; since she's an idiot who will not be told how dogs behave, she confuses his deference posture with an admission of error.

Panel 3: She then marches him to the garage she's telling him he's going to sleep in until the morning when he'll be bathed.

Panel 4: She really gets me cheesed off by telling him that if he were anyone else, she'd demand the apology she's pretty much demanding now.

Summary: Since Elly is an idiot, she doesn't know that it's far too late to correct Farley's behavior now; the window of opportunity slammed shut on her fingers about the time she was snarling "Men"; also, it ain't his fault she's a negligent idiot any more than it was any part of a conspiracy to destroy her happiness when her family does dumb things by accident because they're dumb people who are as heedless as she is.
Snarky Candiru2

Deanna's Accident, Part One of Question Mark.

Today's podcast is her latest official story about Deanna's car accident; you will note the following things:

1) She talks about Deanna disappearing because she wasn't a strong enough character in her own right.

2) She makes no mention of botching the continuity because she's too stupid to pay attention to details.

3) When she mentions Mike's supporting cast, she forgets to mention Martha or Rhetta.

4) She's gone back to the car wreck story.

5) She fails to realize that Aaron didn't recognize his friend because she'd been mangled in a violent accident. As it stands, she seems to be making the questionable point that if a person dies, you can't recognize them any more.

6) She makes him a fool who was in the zone instead of a ghoul from parts unknown.