June 26th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 27 June 2011

In today's strip, we see Elly's reaction to her failed search for Farley; simply put, she's kind of upset that she might have one fewer source of mess to scream about.

(Strip Number 4192, Original Publication Date, 28 June 1982)

Panel 1: John apologizes to a distraught Elly because having called everyone he could think of, there's no sign of Farley.

Panel 2: When asked if he tried the animal shelter, he says that he had no luck.

Panel 3: Because it looks as if Farley has gone away forever, Elly tells John that everywhere she goes, she finds something that reminds her of him.

Panel 4: She then holds up a clump of the loose fur he sheds and sniffles "Look!! A hairball!"

Summary: While it's sort of true that Elly does feel bad about this, it's even more true that this is a soft request for sympathetic fan mail. That being said, it's sort of hard to buy this when you remember that she yells at Farley for trying to upset her instead of remembering that her idiotic inability to prevent this is the problem.