June 25th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 26 June 2011

In today's strip, Lynn uses a fairly old gag to show how fairly old gags can backfire.

(Strip Number 7120, Original Publication Date, 27 June 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike sitting down to watch television; as he changes the channel manually, he's enthused because there are cartoons coming on and they're good ones.

Panel 2: He proves himself the creation of a woman who's extremely set in her ways because he's glad they're old.

Panel 3: He smiles as he watches a cartoon clown slip on a banana peel; the character's frightened cry of "YEAAAHHH!!!" will be echoed in a short while.

Panel 4: Since his eight-year old brain can't quite process the fact that slipping and falling hurts and is scary, he thought-bubbles a picture of himself having a great old time slipping on a banana peel. (Note: the 'hurts and is scary' comes into play later.)

Panel 5: He Pattersnarfs a banana.

Panel 6: He then smiles as he prepares to have a great time screaming his head off because landing on his ass hurts like landing on his ass.

Panel 7: Fortunately for his rump, falling on it isn't what's a risk factor for its being injured; that's because instead of sliding, he steps on it and it makes a disappointing squelching noise.

Panel 8: He then agitatedly mashes the peel into the floor to no avail; all he does is raise a cloud of unsound effects.

Panel 9: He slouches off in disgust with his hands in his pockets as John's size twelves make an appearance.

Panel 10: John screams "YEAAAAHHH!!!!" in panic as he slips and falls on his hind end; something tells me that he's going to respond to this by making sure that he has company having a sore derriere.

Summary: This, ladies and gents, is why there are disclaimers about not trying this at home; granted, Lynn's notes will be all about how her own 'acts of innocent whimsy' and not-at-all 'atrocities' were misinterpreted and not about the need to keep children reasonably safe from themselves but I reject her interpretation and substitute my own.