June 12th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 13 June 2011

Today's strip has Mike channel Lynn by trying to curry favor with a hated teacher at the last minute. This, of course, is owing to the inability or refusal to realize that a person can criticize you and still be a good guy.

(Strip Number 4185, Original Publication Date, 14 June 1982)

Panel 1: As our story continues, we find ourselves at Mike's school on the last day of the school year. As the little girl from the other day (let's call her Maxine) looks on, Deanna tells Mike that the greeting card she's holding is the goodbye card they're giving Mrs Hardacre and asks if he wants to sign it.

Panel 2: Since his default assumption that anyone who demonstrates the least bit of displeasure at his antics is an evil monster with no sense of human, he says "NO!!"; the craven nitwit in him that has something brown at the end of its nose makes him ask the girls to wait.

Panel 3: Lynn reminds us that she doesn't think too much of modern teaching methods by having the boy write "Have a happy sumer." Insert joke about having a happy lost city in Iraq here.

Panel 4: The girls react to the rest of his chef d'oeuvre by asking "Love, Michael"???

Summary: This is, of course, the lead-off to a mini-arc in which the boy finally gets it through his thick skull that the woman is trying to get him to not be a total idiot. Of course, by the end of the Summer, the boy has not only lost what he learned, he's forgotten that teachers are human so it's at best a minor victory.