June 11th, 2011

Angry Candiru

Sunday, 12 June 2011

In today's repulsive little slice-of-revolting-family-life strip, we have Micharel pitching a fit because he doesn't want to tidy his room; given that Elly would shoo him away because he did it 'wrong' anyway makes this an even uglier slice of life than it already is.

(Strip Number 6083, Original Publication Date, 13 June 1982)

Panel 1: We start off with Goggle-Eyed Elly telling Michael that the mess in his room is unreal; given that it looks like it would take ten children to get that messy, I'd have to agree with her.

Panel 2: Mike's response is to say that it looks real enough to him.

Panel 3: The strip that most people see begins with Mike punching his closed bedroom door and bellowing UNFAIR!!!!! because, well, he's got to tidy his room.

Panel 4: He then kicks Super Teddy out of sheer frustration.

Panel 5: Since he's been near Elly too damned long, he shamelessly overestimates how long it'll take to clean his room; only someone who's been raised by someone with super OCD would say that an hour's job will take six million years.

Panel 6: He then writhes on the floor and bruises his knuckles while yelling that he doesn't wanna do it.

Panel 7: He then screams over and over that he won't do it while more or less being the Lord of the Dance by stomping on the floor.

Panel 8: Having come in to check on him and probably see what the noise is, Goggle-Eyed Elly tells him that he hasn't done a thing to clean his room.

Panel 9: He tells her that he can't because he's too tired.

Summary: This is just one of a lot of strips that more or less have the premise "Children want to live in squalor because they hate the idea of their mother having any free time; according to the ungrateful brats, pooooooooooooooor put-upon Elly has been put on the Earth for the sole purpose of cleaning up after them and must never ever have any other interests." The problem with that self-serving notion is that Elly makes a rather poor salesman for the idea of organizing one's living space; not only does she stand around screaming about their selfishly making more work for her when they tidy in the evil wrong way that isn't exactly how Marian did it, her pissy, poor-me attitude tells them that cleaning up is a bad thing. Also, they have to contend with a selfish dick of a father who ascribes any legitimate concerns his wife has to hormones in order to avoid admitting that he's a domineering prick who needs a kick to the groin.