May 28th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Today's strip is the classic boffola that has Lizzie smack Farley over the head with the toilet seat; it's "funny" because we're "reminded" that an appalling act of abuse is what it really takes to train animals. It's also "funny" because, well, it actually isn't at all humorous; not only is John mocked for believing in something Lynn/Elly never had the patience to do, Farley is still being treated as a big, shaggy nitwit.

(Strip Number 6678, Original Publicaton Date, 30 May 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off with Farley sniffing the ground; as he does so, he raises dust and floating pop-art captions.

Panel 2: Having arrived at a door-frame, he looks at something that interests him.

Panel 3: That 'something' is the porcelain dish of cold and usually fresh water that the humans leave out but expect him to not drink from; since he's a dog, he doesn't understand their disgust about his drinking out of the commode. What he doesn't realize is that his noisy drinking has attracted Lizzie's attention.

Panel 4: Since cause and effect is something his brain isn't designed to handle, he doesn't understand why she's smacking him over the head with the toilet seat or saying 'Bad doggie'; he knows that when they make those sounds, he's done something they don't like but that's about it.

Panel 5: We're probably supposed to chuckle at him being disoriented and afraid but it's more that I can do.

Panel 6: I also can't find myself wanting to laugh at him staggering away like a drunk.

Panel 7: Be that as it may, we see John setting up the alleged punchline by declaring that Elly should come and see that his weeks of training have finally paid off.

Panel 8: As Farley looks at the toilet in confused fear, John boasts that HE finally got Farley to stop drinking out of the toilet. Meanwhile, Lizzie, not having realized that she's done something horrible, looks on in almost as much confusion as Farley.

Summary: I'm not going to talk about how the sort of repulsive stunt Lizzie pulled could have lead to her getting mauled or how stupid it is to leave small children around animals; Lynn's proven that she doesn't care about that sort of thing in the least. I'm also not going to talk about how she thinks that treating Farley like a shaggy idiot who has to be yelled at is funny or how she mocks John's can do spirit; what I'm here to talk about is how self-serving the Lynnsight will be and the potential for it to accidentally reveal something horrible about Lynn.