May 21st, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 22 May 2011

In today's strip, we see that John really doesn't like to cook and really doesn't get why Elly panics so much.

(Strip Number 7117, Original Publication Date, 23 May 1982)

Panel 1: We begin things with Elly, who's getting something out of a closet, telling Mike to hurry up because it's six o'clock.

Panel 2: We see him holding an alarm clock that says 5:49 and telling her that that's what it says; what he forgets is that Elly rounds up to the closest quarter-hour in the interests of panicking about being late.

Panel 3: As Elly puts on her jacket, she tells John that she hopes that he doesn't mind getting his own dinner tonight.

Panel 4: The reason why is that she promised to take Mike and Lizzie to an early show.

Panel 5: There's a casserole in the fridge for him to eat as well as left-over stew, vegetables and fruit.

Panel 6: She then tells him that he can put the casserole in a 350° oven or in the microwave for ten minutes.

Panel 7: It then occurs to her that there are eggs he could either scramble or fry.

Panel 8: By the time it occurs to her that he could somehow use cheese as an ingredient, Mike tells her that they're going to be late.

Panel 9: We next see him looking in a cupboard while thought-bubbling about how he doesn't know why Elly makes such a fuss over what he should eat.

Panel 10: As he eats his peanut butter and honey sandwich, he smugly thought-bubbles that he can look after himself.

Summary: This is a fairly cute slice-of-life strip that's probably going to be ruined by notes that wail piteously about evil, insensitive men who don't appreciate the effort their wives go through to make their lives better. What they won't address is the question "Why does John have to reheat the whole casserole? Wouldn't it be simpler for him to dish himself out as much as he'll be able to eat?"