May 15th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 16 May 2011

The theme of this week seems to be "Elly and Phil's personalties clash"; the first strip reminds us that Phil thought that when Elly got her MRS, that meant she was done with trying to get her BA forever. The way he expresses this belief can, and I know Lynn, will be interpreted as his and what she assumes is Alan's belief that housewives are all mental pygmies that are only good for learning to cook, clean or sew.

(Strip Number 260, Original Publication Date, 17 May 1982)

Panel 1: We begin the week with Elly cramming for the final for her first year English course; as Phil lights the cigarette Elly is about to remind him that he can't smoke in her house, he asks him what she's doing and she tells him that she's studying.

Panel 2: That's because she's got an exam coming up for the English course she's taking.

Panel 3: Phil reminds us that he's a freaky beatnik by saying "Far out! Sis is hitting the books!"; having picked up on the astonished vibe he's giving off, Elly reminds him that she told him that she had a once-a-week course and asks him what he expected.

Panel 4: Since Phil is kinda thoughtless and really doesn't know much about the work-a-day world, he doesn't mean anything hurtful when he talks about how he thought she meant the usual house-wifey stuff: wok cooking, advanced macrame or the like. Elly's pained response tells us that his casually dismissive attitude hurts anyway.

Summary: As I said, we're probably going to see notes that are a passive-aggressive means of getting back at Alan for saying or doing something inconsiderate without his really meaning to be hurtful; why Lynn peoples her strip with people who don't stop to consider how much they inconvenience other people and who take offense at being reminded that they do so is an interesting puzzle. We'll see the latter tendency tomorrow when Phil gets upset because Elly reminded him that she hates smoking.