May 11th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 12 May 2011

In today's strip, we begin a mini-arc in which Ted's need to obey his mother conflicts with his attraction to Connie; Lynn's need to jam it to him because he calls a pretentious, potato-nosed fraud by her right name will provide us with years of amusement at his expense so sit back and enjoy the carnage.

(Strip Number 4170, Original Publication Date, 13 May 1982)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the diner where John and Ted eat lunch; as John grabs a much smaller and less greasy burger than he'd get at home, Ted greets him with a hearty "Hi-yah, John, ol'sport." John, who's putting his meal on the table, replies with a non-committal Hi.

Panel 2: Ted reminds us that his thing with Connie is supposedly in the past and asks John if he's still sore at him; John says that he's not.

Panel 3: He then demonstrates that Lynn hasn't a clue how men talk or what they talk about when he tells Ted that Connie's dating someone else.

Panel 4: We get a tight close-up of Ted's horrified face as he yells "WHAT???!!!!"

Summary: We know that Ted isn't really over Connie because, well, she planted a Connie seed in his head that bore fruit even until the 2010s; the fact that John is punishing him for wanting to stall for time until he decides what he wants is sort of telling because it reminds us that John is a doer, not a thinker. This need John has to be a repulsive load of crap to people who dare remind him that he makes big decisions way too quickly is why he doesn't have many friends.

Fix the broken arc

thanks for the responses about the abandoned arc so lets try and fix tehm
Gerald and April sleeping
non newspaper version
Gerald hey apes
so did you bring them
gerald yep some condoms
great sleep together happy no scosequences
newspaper just have them sit on the couch and do nothing and nothing changes. 
L (thinking)

From snark to loathing

I hope I'm not offending anyone by posting this, but I think it's worth mentioning.

I discovered this community not too long ago and decided to go the archives and read all the strip snarks along with the comic (starting on 2005) because I used to enjoy Lynn's comics a lot more and found out that other people thought it evolved for the worse.

Long story short, I continued reading the posts after the "new" ones began to run, because they still deserved snark and I was hoping to finish reading Therese's unauthorized biography (I'm up to July 2010 now and still no sign of the ending, was it ever done?).

It used to be that this community was able to concede that Lynn had her good moments once in a while, but the closer I get to the present strips, the more filled with hate the posts are. Now it's as if Elly cannot sneeze without someone saying she's an idiot who hates her children. What happened?

Jeez, it used to be that I thought the snarks were great, but now I'd rather read the strips than read what some people post about it because those posts and comments are just filled with hate and bitterness.

Second "Shannon" Podcast

There is now a "part 2" on Shannon at the "podcast" site. Behold Lynn making sweeping generalizations/assumptions regarding people with special needs.

(BTW, I see that for posting an entry, under "Comment Screening" there is an option to select "Disabled." Let's see if this prevents links from being an issue.)

Edit: howtheduck posted the link to the infamous Caring Today interview where she appears to suggest that the afflicted should suffer in silence. What I had forgotten about this interview was that she also discusses Stephanie and Shannon:
CT: You've looked at special health conditions in other ways, too. Particularly, there's the relationship between April and Shannon. Why is it so important that there be a kid level to supporting others with special needs?
LJ: Again, this is thanks to my family. My niece was born with a lot of physical concerns. She was born prematurely. She had an opening in her throat that went up into the back of her mouth, and it was not something they could fix easily. She was fed through a tube into her stomach, and then they did multiple surgeries on her mouth. The final surgeries were done when she was four years old, which left her with a speech impediment. So not only was she developmentally delayed, but also she couldn't speak very well. She was short. She had an unusual body. She was teased terribly at school.

Yet, now, as a young woman of 24, she's bright, intelligent and intuitive. She still has very serious learning problems when it comes to math and reading, but in terms of speech and her ability to relate to people, she's absolutely wonderful.

Through the character of Shannon, she's now doing public speaking. She [recently was in] Washington, where she talked to all kinds of people about disability and acceptance and the workplace. So she's gone a million miles with this character.

But if it hadn't been for Stephanie, the character [Shannon] would never have happened. I would never have had the permission to do it. Unless you know someone who can tell you his or her story, you really can't write about it.
So she's a little bit more specific about Stephanie's learning disability there, but somehow still a bit--convoluted?