April 30th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 1 May 2011

In today's strip, we see Mike's latest attempt to score a point in the sick mental game Elly's inattention and lack of empathy encourage come a-cropper because Liz tries changing the rules.

(Strip Number 7115, Original Publication Date, 2 May 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off innocently enough with Lizzie, who's holding her bunny, playing with her toys. The problem is that Mike, who's got a not-at-all-angelic smile on his face, is creeping up on her.

Panel 2: He then yanks the bunny away and proves himself to be more demon than angel.

Panel 3: As a panicked Lizzie makes an UH? sound in confusion, Mike sticks his tongue out, goes Nah! Nah! and tells Lizzie that he's got her bunny.

Panel 4: The only reason that a man in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada does not want to pack Mike off to military school because he revels in Lizzie's fear when she pleadingly yells for him to give her back her bunny is that he knows that Mike is being raised to not feel empathy so that horses might be more effectively owned.

Panel 5: Paul Jones of Saint John also remembers that neither John nor Elly consider the toxic levels of sibling rivalry it would take to make Mike think that doing his damned to keep Lizzie from getting her bunny back is funny and cute a bad thing; this is another thing that keeps him from wanting to impose a seventy year time-out on the Delicate Genius.

Panel 6: There's another factor that is coming into play that wants me to cut Mike some slack: Lizzie lets go out the bunny so that Mike's attempt to yank it out of her hands backfire.

Panel 7: And backfire it does; Mike trips on his own shadow and BONKS!!! his head on the wall.

Panel 8: He then yells OW!! to remind us that getting a concussion hurts.

Panel 9: He then yells "Lizzie, you dummy!!" because she was either supposed to sit there crying while he got to be a dick or their revilery wasn't supposed to bite him in the ass; given that she got her bunny back, her smile tells us that she's thinking that if she's so dumb, why did he lose?

Summary: We aren't going to get a Lynnsight admitting that the nastiness we see on display here is something that should be prevented; we're going to get a reminder that the toxic environment in which Lynn grew up is simply The Way Things Are. We're also going to be reminded that she's got a nasty streak a mile wide.

ETA: It's May so Lynn makes us see dead people; that's because I'm sure that Iris died of grief and exhaustion not long after Jim did.