April 29th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 30 April 2011

We end the week with Elly getting in a slam that works on a lot of levels; not only is she chastising Phil for being immature, she's also bitching that her evil children are keeping her from getting adequate rest.

(Strip Number 4163, Original Publication Date, 1 May 1982)

Panel 1: It's a Saturday afternoon at the Pattermanse; as Elly serves him a bowl of soup, Mike asks Elly if Uncle Phil is still sleeping.

Panel 2: He goes on to say it's past lunchtime and he's still in bed.

Panel 3: He finishes off setting up the punchline by asking "Boy! How can he sleep so much?"

Panel 4: Elly, having turned her back to Mike, frowns a bleary-eyed frown and says "He's single."

Summary: The Lynnsight will be all about how awful it was that Alan not only didn't settle down, he'd given the little strangers the evil impression that a person's circadian rhythm could differ from what Lynn found convenient. It's not about how foolhardy Elly is for not suggesting that he try harder to fit in to their routine, it's about how we should feel sorry for her for needlessly complicating everyone's lives.