April 27th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Phil might not be used to having children in his vicinity because of his lifestyle but does like kids after all despite finding their attentiveness and curiosity a bit overwhelming at first. (Strip Number 255, Original Publication Date, 29 April 1982)
Panel 1: Mike shows Phil to his bed and, since he doesn't quite get that Phil doesn't lead a child-friendly lifestyle, has no idea that Lizzie's keeping it warm for him might be a problem. 
Panel 2: His next example of age-appropriate behavior is not quite figuring out that his bombarding Phil with the questions "Did ya drive all day? Are you gonna stay long? Are you glad to see us?" might be a bit hard to take for someone not used to having small children running around underfoot.
Panel 3: We have a bit of an awkward pause while we remind ourselves that the Phil we know and love wants to share his gift with the children of the world. 
Panel 4: This soft spot for the children his narrow urethra is supposed to have denied him manifests itself by his smiling, hugging his niece and nephew and saying "Yeah!!" 
Summary: He likes kids despite their tendency to race around a lot; the problem is that he doesn't quite understand children. For instance, we spend next week watching Phil not understand that Lawrence regards him as another idiot who disrupts his mother's life and tries to steal her away from him. We also have to remember that he, without meaning to or ever realizing how damaging that was, encouraged Connie's need to ignore her son so that she might taste mustaches.