April 26th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

In today's strip, Phil is made to look evil because he wants a measure of child-free privacy; that's because in Elly and Lynn's world, the only way that's possible is to take a trip to Barbados with one's wife after lying to one's offsprings about how bored they'd be in boring old Mexico or on a boring old cruise ship. Leave it to Lynn not to notice the real problem: Phil's simply dumping his crap in the living room like a clod because he's too foolhardy to put things out of the reach of children.

(Strip Number 254, Original Publication Date, 28 April 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off with Phil sitting in an easy chair telling Lizzie, who's trying to dock with him as she would with Elly, that he does not want to play. Hard cheese, old chap; if you insist on being where small children are, you're going to have to deal with their not knowing what "personal space" and "inside voices" mean.

Panel 2: He next tells Mike to not touch his valuable trumpet and to put down the means by which he makes a living because it's not a toy to be destroyed by a fumble-fingered child with dubious motor control. I'd tell him to put it out of reach but since his sister can't be asked to supervise her kids, that's an impossibility.

Panel 3: He then sets up the maudlin punchline that reveals Lynn's biases by asking the two ankle-biters if they can go somewhere else.

Panel 4: Lizzie's response of "But we live here" is, of course, her creator's jab at Alan for not getting that children haven't quite got a handle on the concept 'personal space.' (Not to mention way too advanced a concept for a two-year old.)

Summary: It's also Lynn's way of expressing her outrage that Alan expressed the merest bit of discomfort with how she hadn't managed to introduce the concept to her flesh-and-blood small ones; in her mind, only she needs to be insulated from her children. Everyone else is supposed to be a baby-sitter so she can whine about how oppressive she finds motherhood. The notes will be all about this and not how rock-stupid Phil is for just dumping all his crap in the living room like a fool who doesn't understand kids. Oh, wait, this is the idiot who said that Lawrence was okay with his broken arm or leg or whatever (remember, Phil wasn't paying attention to that) so Connie didn't have to rush home.....