April 22nd, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Our ending the week watching Elly not blowing her stack because her children are making a mess shouldn't distract us from wondering if she did, after all, chicken out on telling Mike about Easter because she wasn't ready.

(Strip Number 243, Original Publication Date, 10 April 1982)

Panel 1: We start off watching Elly supervising her children as they color Easter eggs; she smiles as cautions Liz not to go too fast.

Panel 2: She than tells John to come look and watch the kids coloring the eggs.

Panel 3: She concludes by smiling and thought-bubbling "And anything else they can lay their hands on."

Summary: It's so rare to see Elly willingly watch over the offsprings and small ones or not fret about the mess they make, it's not funny; the problem is that Kool-Aid Nation seizes on anomalies like this and tries turning them into the norm.

On family history

I posted this earlier in the week but it was screened for a few days and I'm just giving it a bump because I've found some further interesting details.  

This was in response to eltiteretista 's post about the infamous Hogan Alley interview, in which Lynn spoke about her grandparents -- "My grandfather had been a philatelist for King George V. He was probably one of the leading experts on forgeries....Well, when I was a kid, my grandfather was not a nice guy. If you talked to other people who knew him, he was a great guy with a sense of humor, and he was somebody they enjoyed knowing. But to me, he was a sadistic, black, haughty, unattainable ogre. I always felt his disappointment in me. I hated him and wanted him to love me at the same time. ... My grandmother was an opera singer who worked for a portrait painter who worked for the royal family. So of course they hobnobbed with the upper crust." 
aprilp_katje  provided their surname of Bainbridge and I did some research.  Some adds up, some seems to be exaggeration on Lynn's part, her personal views of their characters isn't something I'd be able to find from official records, and, if I have found the right family, there's a particularly interesting omission.  
Mistakes are my own!  :)
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