April 15th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 16 April 2011

We end the week watching Mike oversell being sick so as to avoid going to school. Way to feed into your mother's default disbelief, idiot.

(Strip Number 4161, Original Publication Date, 24 April 1982)

Panel 1: It's about 7:30 on a weekday morning as Elly tells a freaked-out Michael that she thinks he's well enough to go back to school.

Panel 2: He reacts to this by yelling "No! Ma!" and making a show of coughing and wheezing.

Panel 3: He then starts channeling Doctor Smith by talking about the pain, ma, OOOOOO, the pain!!!

Panel 4: We next see him walking to the bus stop and telling Lawrence that he guesses that he overacted.

Summary: As I've said before, Elly's default assumption is that a child that looks sick and acts sick is faking so as to add to her many cruel burdens; this is not only the result of her being a paranoid idiot, it's also the result of her being a shameless liar as a child. Given that her idea of empathy is to assume that everyone in the world thinks like her, it's no wonder that a year or so down the line, Lizzie ends up in the pediatric ICU because Stupid didn't catch a disease in time. In any event, since Mike talks about his report card Monday, Lynn dodged a bullet continuity-wise because we can't honestly say that there was much Easter-themed disruption to the story.

The Plus-One Dilemma

First: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-13047570

Liz needs a date for Anthony's wedding strip 1, strip 2strip 3, strip 4, strip 5
Liz needs a date for NYE 2003-04 strip 1, strip 2, strip 3, strip 4
Liz needs a date for Mike's book launch strip 1strip 2
Liz needs a date for Shawna-Marie's wedding strip 1, strip 2 then tries to go solo and discovers Mason and then Anthony

Makes me assume that a "plus-one" must be common practice in Milborough, since no one bats an eyelid at how Liz cannot attend anything on her own.

I just love the conclusion of the BBC article:
But if you are just horrified at the thought of going to a wedding alone, it's time to grow up, says Mangan.

"We're all old enough to go to a party and mix with people, if you can't it's rather pathetic."