March 24th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 25 March 2011

In today's strip, Mike alarms Elly by actually looking on the bright side of being disciplined. The reason, of course, is that she's listening to the sort of nonsense she told her parents and the reversal confuses and probably angers her.

(Strip Number 236, Original Publication Date, 26 March 1982)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the Pattermanse with Mike holding a piece of paper and, as Elly looks on, complaining "Lines, lines, lines! 'I must not talk in class, I must be on time...'; oh, brother!"

Panel 2: Elly tells him that Mrs Hardacre is probably hoping he'll learn something.

Panel 3: Since he really doesn't see why talking in class or being a bit late will, as his drill-instructor-slash-teacher says, cause civilization to collapse, he tries to figure out what that might be.

Panel 4: His happy realization that his printing has improved doesn't much please Elly; in fact, it somewhat surprises her.

Summary: It shouldn't, though; that's because she's on the receiving end of the excuses and refusals to get Teacher's point that she subjected Jim and Marian to, Then again, she might just now have realized how much she bothered her parents by saying stuff like this.

Gerald is a Delaney once more!

The one and only time April used Gerald's full name, she referred to him as "Gerald Delaney." When the Lynnions were creating the Who's Who page, they ostensibly forgot he'd been given a last name and he became Gerald Forsythe. I had brought this to their attention way back then, and I got a chirpy reply about their having changed it. A follow-up e-mail from Team Lynn claimed that he'd been called by both names in the strip. At the time, there was no strip catalog, so I had no way to confirm or rebut.

The "errors and oddities" page contained a link to the strip I refer to above but nothing pointing to a strip calling him "Forsythe." I was unable to find any such strip by searching and asked Stephanie whether any such strip existed. She replied that "Who's Who" was the only place where the "Forsythe" name appeared. So I asked a very silly question. Why not change the "Who's Who" entry to match what actually occurs in the strip? Steph agreed, and behold! If you scroll down to Gerald's entry in the left-hand menu, you will see that he now appears as Gerald Delaney.

In the days of "April's Real Blog," we had a running gag that Gerald's family had changed their name from "Delaney" to "Forsythe" in order to hide from a shameful incident that had happened, sullying the family name. Our Gerald's full name was Gerald Millicent Delaney Forsythe.

Now I can say that the shame has passed and the "Delaney" good name restored. ;)