March 16th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Today's strip reminds us Elly doesn't much like to be told how to do things. Given her career of hapless ineptitude as a wife, mother, student, daughter, friend, employee, employer and citizen, it's no wonder her typical expression is one of sullen confusion and spiteful envy.

(Strip Number 4151, Original Publication Date, 18 March 1982)

Panel 1: Having looked at Elly's sewing machine, Anne tells her that she had the tension wrong and there was some loose thread on the bobbin.

Panel 2: Her cheery declaration of "See? It's easy!" does not achieve the desired result of soothing Elly,

Panel 3: That's because she thought-bubbles "Why do people who can 'do things' always say that?"

Summary: Because they assume you have the patience to learn, you crazy fool! They also assume another thing that's not so; they assume that you don't regard being told to calm down as a humiliating pat on the head.

ETA: Lynn's latest banner visits yet another improbable and disgusting catastrophe on the long-suffering Irish people.
Snarky Candiru2

A thing about machines.......

Today's strip is the first blast across the bow of the dimwit Luddism that causes Lynn to huff and puff about how useless, scary and evil computers and other mechanical devices that she doesn't have the patience, humility and intellect to learn to operate correctly are. What we generally get is the following series of events:

  1. Elly approaching an unfamiliar device with extreme reluctance and/or the default attitude that what she's familiar with is best.
  2. The sullen refusal to ask for help because she's too arrogant and silly to ask for help like regular people.
  3. Steadily mounting rage because said technology behaves in a way she's too stupid impatient to understand.
  4. A meltdown followed by her either drawing a wildly-inappropriate conclusion or wishing bodily harm on the evil people who didn't make machines easy for impatient, stupid, incompetent dimwits who won't take the time to learn because they don't want to look weak to use.

Why this bothers me is that there are so very many people out there who feel the same way; most of them wind up yapping about how Lynn has spy gear in their living room.