February 19th, 2011

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 20 February 2011

In today's strip, Elly tries to explain to Mike that she isn't some sort of fun-hating monster; since he's something of an idiot and she's a lot of a hypocrite, she gets to hear an unusual definition of the word "cooperation".

(Strip Number 7109, Original Publication Date, 14 February 1982)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly telling Mike that he was the one that wanted the dog and that he agreed to brush and look after him; given that it looks like Mike's attempt to do just that failed because Farley resisted being manhandled by a fumble-fingered seven year old, this seems a bit ill-timed.

Panel 2: Her yelling that he's supposed to put his tighty whities in the laundry hamper instead of sticking them on the doorknob like a slob is, while understandable, also jarring enough to cause him to wince in pain.

Panel 3: We next come across his attempt to grab onto Lizzie's bunny so as to torment her for kicks; Elly's yelling that he should give it back merely because Liz had it first is kinda misguided.

Panel 4: She then reminds him that she asked him to tidy up the mess he left behind.

Panel 5: She watches him as he picks up his toys while muttering angrily under his breath.

Panel 6: Having walked over to him, she tells Mike that she doesn't like being a nag.

Panel 7: The thing is that they all have to live together and they all have to get along.

Panel 8: That means that he has to cooperate with her; she then asks if he knows what cooperation means.

Panel 9: What it means to him is that he's gotta do everything she says.

Summary: We're probably in for a Lynnsight about how difficult it was to raise Aaron; given that Ruth did most of the work and that the kid picked up on Mommy's need to want to be rid of him, it's not much of a shock that he didn't do much in the way of getting along.